Contact Information Counseling Department

Mrs. Jennifer Abernathy

865.977.7970  Ext. 45203

(Student last names A - G; NCAA eligibility)

Mrs. Kori Holland

865.977.7970  Ext. 45202

(Students last names O - Z)

Mrs. Kim Porter

865.977.7970  Ext. 45204

(Social and Emotional Learning Counselor; State and ACT testing coordinator)

Ms. Rachel Scarbro


(Student last names H - N)

Mrs. Jackie Stryker

865-977-7970  Ext. 45206

(Transition Specialist and AP Coordinator)

Dr. Scott Kirkham

865-977-7970  Ext. 45205

(School Psychologist)

Mrs. Michelle McClanahan

865-977-7970  Ext. 45201

(Registrar/Administrative Assistant)