Anime Club

Sponsor:  Travis Tidwell

Anime Club members come from grades 8-12 and are brought together by their common interest in watching anime, reading manga, exploring Japanese culture, and encouraging diversity in our schools. Meetings are student driven and occur every other Wednesday afternoon in the MHS library. 

Art Club

Sponsor:  Mrs. Puckett

Blount County Robotics Team

Club Sponsor/Head Mentor:  Joel Smith

Blount County Robotics (#4504) is a FIRST robotics team that includes student from Maryville, Alcoa, and William Blount. BC Robotics builds a competition robot each year that competes against other teams nationally. Our team focus is to develop innovative technology initiatives and business operations within the community, as well as preparing students for opportunities in engineering and robotics after graduation. If you love robots or want to do something that involves robots, all skill levels are welcome. No previous knowledge of robotics is required."

We are having our 1st meeting on September 10th

6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Boys and Girls Club Building (former Fort Craig Elementary campus)   -   520 S. Washington St, Maryville, TN  37804 - park and enter from the back where the buses park.

This meeting is open for anyone interested in joining our Robotics Team.  Come see what we are all about. We would love to have you join us!
If you have questions, feel free to email

Chess Club

Sponsor:  Steve Koontz

The chess club will compete with other members in room 363. A tournament will be formed at the end of the year. 

Climbing Team

Sponsor:  Andy Hebert

Climbing Team practices in the Maryville High School climbing gym. They climb top-ropes, boulder walls, and compete in competitions with surrounding-area teams.

Culinary Club

Sponsor:  Susan Headrick

Must have taken or are currently enrolled in a culinary class.


Sponsors:  Catherine Bledsoe and Cheryl Stoltenberg

Debs is a community service organization for junior and senior students that hopes to cultivate a sense of leadership, generosity, and service to community.


Sponsor:  Rosanna Giles

DECA is an association of business and marketing students who are interested in leadership, marketing, finance, hospitality and management.  DECA students participate in business competitions which help to provide students with life skills in terms of public speaking, thinking on your feet, and overall comfort in preparation skills as well as one-on-one conversations. Meetings are usually before school, during activity periods, or during break about once every month or two.

Ethics Bowl

Sponsors:  Jill Pope

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsors:  Rachel Rushworth-Hollander, Alex Cate

Ministry outreach that focuses on athletes. Focuses on leading people to Christ through the influence and impact of athletics.


French Club

Sponsor:  Kristi Caux

French Club activities are open to any Maryville High School student who is interested in the French language and Francophone cultures. Throughout the year, the French Club sponsors activities such as outings to the crêperie, ice skating, movie night, French tables, and other opportunities available in our community.

French Honor Society

Sponsor:  Kristi Caux

La Société Honoraire de Français, the French Honor Society, recognizes outstanding achievement in French by students at Maryville High School and promotes the French language and Francophone cultures throughout the school community. Membership is offered to students who have completed a minimum of three years of French and who are enrolled in the next sequential French course and who have maintained an A/B average in French coursework.

Future Teachers of America

Sponsors:  Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Weinand


Sponsor:  Anita Crook (

HOSA is a club open to all students who have an interest in healthcare. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where students with common career interests can grow and learn together as well as get an insight into this career field. We come together as a club to learn more about the medical field, complete community service projects, take part in outreach activities, community awareness events, and to hear guest speakers in health careers that we are interested in. In addition, we also compete against other HOSA clubs across the state in healthcare-related competitions. We spend our club time growing our students’ knowledge about healthcare, having fun together, and aiding in the transition from high school to the medical field.

International Thespian Society (Drama Club)

Sponsor:  Clarissa Feldt

International Thespian Society is an honor society for theater students. Students must complete play production work in order to be inducted.

Junior Civitan

Sponsors:  Ken Dugger, Cheryl Stoltenberg and Kristy Noda

Junior Civitan is an organization of youth service clubs dedicated to making the world a better place. With 10,000 members across 300 clubs and three continents, Junior Civitans have a huge impact on the world around us focusing on serving individuals with disabilities within our community. 

Junior Classical League

Sponsor:  Connie Weaver

Junior Classical League is a national organization that promotes fellowship among Latin and Greek students. At MHS, students gain membership into National Junior Classical League and Tennessee Junior Classical League, as well as our local chapter. Dues are required, We usually have a Christmas gathering and other events can be planned as desired. If MHS participates in the University of Tennessee at Knoxville Latin Day in the Fall, students who are not enrolled in Latin MUST be a member of JCL to be considered for this field trip. Meetings are held in Ms. Weaver’s room 353. Need to be enrolled in Latin or have completed Latin 2.

Key Club

Sponsors:  Jennifer Sobota and Meghan Wishart

The Key Club works in alignment with the Maryville Kiwanis Club. The purpose of the club is to give students opportunities to give back to the community through a variety of community service projects. 

Math Team

Sponsor:  Ashley Porter and Jessica Janson

Math Team is for students who like math and want to compete in math contests and explore problem-solving outside the normal classroom curriculum.  Team members are either selected by their teachers or try out for their subject-specific team.  Students who are interested in the opportunity should talk to their current math teacher to find out how to earn a spot on the team.  Practices will be announced closer to competition dates. 

Model UN

Sponsor:  Rodney Nelson

Model UN is a debate and public speaking team that focuses on global issues. Delegates represent a country and a United Nations committee, and they go to conferences around the state to debate and solve world issues.

Mu Alpha Theta

Sponsors:  Amanda Russell and Jessica Janson

Mu Alpha Theta meets occasionally throughout the year to discuss competitions and tutoring. All members help out in morning tutoring for math teachers throughout the year.

National Honor Society

Sponsor:   Penny Ferguson

Composed of juniors and seniors who show outstanding leadership, service, character, and scholarship. Must rank in top 15% of their class, as well as meet other requirements.

Prom Committee

Sponsors:  Jessica Janson, Amanda Russell and Natasha McMurray

The prom committee is a great club for juniors interested in putting together the junior/senior prom. We typically meet monthly, with meeting frequency increasing in the months preceding prom. Members get to choose the theme, decorations, favors, etc. Other club activities include the annual Homecoming Carnival and The Black & White Affair. 

Scholars Bowl

Sponsors:  Corey DeHart

Scholars Bowl competes in a trivia competition against the surrounding schools once a year around November.

Science Bowl

Sponsor:  Liz Huffaker

Science Bowl competes in a science trivia competition once a year. A placement test is taken to determine teams.

Spanish Honor Society

Sponsors:  Angela Webb and Jennifer Sobota

Spanish National Honor Society (Spanish: Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica) is an academic honor society focused on Spanish language excellence in secondary education and promotes a continuity of interest in Spanish studies. Its motto is "¡Todos a una!" ("All Together for One Goal").  Membership is open to students who are either currently enrolled in Spanish 3 Honors or who have successfully completed Spanish 3 Honors or above. Members are encouraged to utilize the Spanish language as much as possible outside of the classroom, demonstrate continued growth of the Spanish language,  as well as participate and/or volunteer for events that support the Hispanic community.  After our induction ceremony for new members in September, we will meet the first Friday of every month (starting in October) in the Ed Harmon room at 7:45 am.  

Student Council

Sponsors:  Samantha Harding and Stacey Travis

The Student Council is an application/selection based club. STUCO puts on a number of school events throughout the year and insures that the issues of the student body are addressed. Applications for rising juniors and seniors are available in the spring semester.

The Young Americans for Freedom

Sponsor:  Mike Driver

YAF chapters bring together students to advocate for the ideas of limited government, individual freedom, free enterprise, traditional values and a strong national defense. YAF chapters can provide a visible presence for the Conservative Movement, energize other students, and encourage them to speak out.

YAF was founded on September 11, 1960 by young conservatives who met at the home of William F. Buckley Jr. and wrote its founding document the Sharon Statement.

Meeting in room S04.

Yoga Club

Sponsor:  Angela Webb

Young Democrats

Sponsor:  Matt Wilkinson

Young Democrats meets every Monday to discuss current issues and how they apply to Democratic ideals, as well as debate different interpretation of the democratic platform.