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Our hope is that all students will graduate from MHS with a personal, solidified plan for life after high school.  Our career exploration curriculum at MHS will assist students in identifying career paths based on interests and aptitudes.   Wes Lambert, our Ready Graduate Coordinator, will work with students who may need additional support cultivating a post secondary focus.

Wes Lambert

Maryville High School is proud to offer a more intentional approach to college and career exploration.  The Ready Grad Center is located next to the Guidance Department and offers a variety of services to help students get ready for college, career, or the military.  We aim to fully prepare our students for the three E's: enrollment, employment, or enlistment.  One of the most important elements of this process is the incorporation of Schoolinks.  This platform provides students the ability to explore careers, colleges and universities, self-inventories, and much more that will help them achieve their goals.  YouScience is another important component of this process.  YouScience allows students to truly learn what they would be successful at in the future by completing several inventories that will accurately depict what type of career they would be best suited for.  Our plan is to implement these strategies in a schoolwide homeroom setting.  Below are the currently scheduled dates for when these activities will be completed.



Homeroom Dates  
August 9th January 24th
August 23rd January 31st
September 6th February 14th
September 20th February 28th
October 18th March 27th
November 1st April 10th
January 10th May 8th