All students are required to complete a mathematics course sequence including Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and one additional mathematics course. The Maryville High School mathematics program provides multiple opportunities for advanced study and significant flexibility in the scheduling of those course options. Thus, students are strongly advised to develop a plan for their mathematics courses in consultation with parents, guidance counselors, and mathematics teachers. This plan should reflect a student's aptitude, interests, and post-secondary aspirations and should be reviewed annually for continued applicability.


Calculator Requirements

Calculators are an important component of mathematics instruction, practice, assessment, and application at every level. Each mathematics class at the Algebra 2 level and above will use a graphing calculator for at least a portion of the class. Thus, each student is strongly encouraged to provide his/her own graphing calculator. While many such calculators are available and acceptable, the MHS Mathematics Department uses Texas Instruments models TI-83 and TI-84 and will provide base instruction on these models. Either is adequate. For certain topics in each class, use of graphing calculators will not be allowed. At such times, the teacher may furnish students an appropriate 4-function or scientific calculator (The TI-30 is often used by the department) to use during classroom instruction and testing.