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Clarissa Feldt

Hello! My name is Clarissa Feldt and I am the drama instructor and reading teacher at MHS. It is my belief that as an educator in the arts my role in your child’s education is to support creative expression, expose them to different aspects of the production process, and create an environment for them to be as successful as possible. I choose to emphasize the collaborative nature of theatre in my courses and productions, therefore, my focus is on building a theatre team. Students who excel at working in groups and collaborating find significant more success as an adult, particularly in the workplace.


Before coming to MHS, I was an adjunct instructor in theatre arts for 5 years. I taught at multiple campuses for Pellissippi State and Roane State Community Colleges. From the Fall of 2015 until the Spring of 2017, I directed the mainstage productions at Roane State’s Roane County Campus including a 50 person cast in the musical Oliver!. At 21, I received my first Actor’s Equity job and have worked professionally as a director, actor and dramaturg for over a decade.

Professional Organizations to which you belong

Maryville Education Association, Tennessee Education Association, National Education Association

Education and Training:

University of Oklahoma – Master of Arts in Drama (focus Dramaturgy) in 2010

University of Texas at Arlington – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance in 2008 Cum Laude

Digital Photography, Art

Jeanie Parker

Philosophy of Education

My philosophy of education is that we are responsible for educating the whole child, including the creative, problem solving side. It is my goal to help students think for themselves, discover new questions to answer, and build the techniques necessary to express their ideas in a thought-provoking way.


B.A. Graphic Design, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois

Ed. Certification, Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee

M.A.E., Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee

Ed.D., Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota


I taught Visual Arts in Memphis, Tennessee for four years. I've been teaching at Maryville High School since 2000.

Professional Organizations

National Art Education Association

Tennessee Art Education Association

National Education Association


Nicole Puckett

As a visual arts educator, my teaching philosophy is that it is my job and duty to expose students to a myriad of all things related to art. In life, art is all around us. In our society, we see evidence of design everywhere we look whether it is in the form of advertisements or buildings or the cars that we drive and the movies we see. In an academic setting, the study of art can connect and relate to so many different subjects. The understanding of Math as well as History, Science and other subjects can easily be integrated into an art lesson. The study of the artists throughout history and other icons in the field helps students become more well-rounded, cultured individuals as they set forth into the world after graduation. Art making also gives students the opportunity for tremendous personal growth as they are forced to make individual creative choices, overcome mistakes and critically think through hands-on learning. In short, Art Education is very important and plays an integral role in the student’s educational experience.



BS in Art Education, Kutztown University, PA



Art Teacher at Whittle Springs Middle School, Knox County TN

Special Education CDC Teacher and High School Art Teacher, Perry County TN

Art Teacher at Saint Paul’s Preparatory Academy in Seoul, South Korea


Professional Organizations:

NEA Member


Raquel Roy


Matt Wilkinson


Information, Fees, Expenses

Adam Ford

Mr. Ford is excited to begin his fourth year of teaching in the Maryville City Schools for the 2017-18 school year. Mr. Ford has spent the past three years as the Maryville Junior High School Band Director and is excited to step into the role of Maryville High School Band Director. Adam earned his Bachelor of Music in Music Education and Master of Music from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where he graduated as the Outstanding Graduate in Music Education. Mr. Ford is a member of the East Tennessee School Band & Orchestra Association as well as the National Association for Music Education. Mr. Ford currently serves on the executive board of the East Tennessee School Band & Orchestra Association as the Middle Area Representative.

Band Fees

It is very expensive to operate the MHS Band, so we must ask band families to help with expenses. In a typical year, total costs (not including optional trips) are to about $70,000, or $525 per student for transportation, camp, uniform costs, equipment expenses (drum heads, reeds, etc.), and additional staff (percussion, guard, visiting lecturers). As an example, the minimum cost to transport the band to an away game is $1000 ($250 per bus for four buses). Transportation costs to the State Championship game were $3300 alone, so the costs add up quickly. We do subsidize the costs with profits from the concession stands, but do not earn enough to completely cover the costs of running the band.

Fund Raising - The MHS Band Boosters provide opportunities for students to earn part or all of their band fees. Examples include the annual Fruit Sale, MMI ad sales, and other announced activities. Funds raised in this manner are kept in a Foothills Bank account, and may be used toward any band expense. In addition, families may earn concessions credits ($5 per person per game) by working in the concession stands during MHS, MJHS, and Midget league football games. Concession credits may only be applied to MHS School Fees.

MHS Band Charges - These costs are paid directly to the 'MHS Band'. Fund Raising monies may be applied to these fees through Charms. 

Band Camp – $225.00 - For all students who attend camp to pay room and board costs for the 'Away Week', a warm weather performance shirt, transportation to the camp, and a portion of the salaries for the instructional staff (not directors).  It is our desire that no student miss camp due to financial concerns, so please contact the band director if financial arrangements need to be made. Fund raising opportunities are provided by the MHS Band Boosters to help offset the cost of camp. Additional siblings are billed at $225 per sibling.

Spring Trip - Cost TBA - For any student participating in the biennial spring trip. For planning purposes, the band travels during the spring of odd numbered years. Freshmen students at MJHS are invited to participate if they wish.

Jazz Clinic Auditions (collected by MHS Band, but paid to ETSBOA)
$10.00 to audition, $15.00 per student selected to participate*.

All State East Senior Clinic Auditions (collected by MHS Band, but paid to ETSBOA)
$10.00 to audition, $10.00 per student selected to participate*.

*Students selected for All-East Band and Jazz Band honors will also be asked to pay a portion of the room charges for the hotel.

Maryville High School Fees - The following class fees have been approved by the MCS Board of Education, and are requested for students (grades 9 - 12) taking Band classes. They are billed and collected directly by the Maryville High School bookkeeper at the beginning of the second semester. You may apply concessions credits and/or fund raising monies to these fees.

Band Fee - $150 - This fee helps offset the costs to transport the band to football games and festivals, as well as uniform maintenance and cleaning,  black 'bibbers' for marching, and a concert uniform.

Instrument Rental - $0.00 - We do not currently charge a fee for use of school owned instruments.

Fees to Outside Vendors

Marching Band Shoes – $36.00- Please order marching shoes through Rush's Music. A representative will attend camp for sizing. The band maintains a stock of 'gently used' shoes donated by previous students that may be used if available.

Students will need to supply their own black socks, khaki shorts during hot weather performances, and any undergarments (Under Armour, long johns, etc.) that they may need for cold weather performances.


Band Boosters

The Maryville High School Band Boosters serve to support the activities of the Red Rebel Band program. Primary duties include staffing the concession stands at MHS Stadium events, providing chaperones for band camp and trips, as well as supporting the band through varied fund raising efforts. Parents of all Reb Rebel Band members are encouraged to 'plug-in' to any area of interest and help make our band the best it can be. 

Submit Sponsor Contacts 
Parents and Boosters, we need your Rolodex!! We will be soliciting corporate sponsors this year to try and offset travel costs, purchase more equipment, and help bolster the general fund while we concentrate on helping the performers with individual fundraising. The best way to do this is through known contacts at companies, large and small. We are asking each parent or Booster to submit the name and contact information for 2 potential corporate sponsors. We will be reaching out to the contacts informing them of the sponsorship options. We will definitely be using your name in the communication, for that personal touch. Thank you in advance for helping with this critical fundraising effort!

Current Board Members are as follows:
President: Anita Hatch (
VP/Fundraising: Tonya Sartin (
Secretary: Tracy Southard (
Treasurer: Renee Bumgarner (
Member-at-Large: Jim Harville (

Current Class Parent Representatives are as follows:
Senior Class: Melissa Sonner
Junior Class: Joy Johnson
Sophmore Class: Amy Smith
Freshman Class: Roxanne Coffey

Current Committee Chairs are as follows:
Concessions Inventory: Mr. and Mrs. Branton (
Concessions Scheduling: Carrie Cadieux  (
Visitors Stand:  Tim Dabney
West Stand: Cathy Croft
East Stand: David and Natalie Roberts
Hot Dog Crew: Sara Kennedy
Pit Crew/Trucks: 
Special Projects/Fruit Sale: Talena Douglass and Julie Smith (
Bus Chaperone Scheduling: 
Uniforms: Jennifer Sutton
Band Camp Chaperones: 
Parent T-Shirt Sales: Cindy Sugg
Visiting Band Hospitality:

Charms Login

Charms Login (click here)

School Code:  maryvillehsband

Stadium Driving Directions for Visiting Bands

Stadium Driving Directions for Visiting Bands

For Google Maps, simply enter 'Shields Stadium, Maryville TN 37803' into the search field.Once you get on US 321 (Lamar Alexander Parkway), turn right onto Broadway just past New Providence Church. Drive PAST the stadium and turn left onto S. Magnolia Ave. (Horn of Plenty is on the corner). Turn left on either White Ave. (1st left) or Mountain View Ave. (2nd left) to get to Cedar Street. Visiting bands will enter the stadium at the visitor side pass gate off Cedar Street. Refer to the map below for stadium details. Note that equipment trucks may be parked on Cedar Street with the buses, or you may park them outside of the MHS Band Room (light blue 'Equipment Parking' area on the map). In the event of inclement weather, please go to the MHS Band Room (double doors off the 'Equipment Parking Area') for shelter.

Email Adam Ford (Band Director) or Brett Coulter (Game Administrator) for additional information.



MHS Band Sponsors

Our Bronze Sponsors




Our Silver Sponsors:


Foothills Bank and Trust

Newell Rubbermaid


Our Gold Sponsors:


Dr. Coffey, Blount Gastroenterology Associates


Our Platinum Sponsors:


Dr. Thomas Bihl, Volunteer Veterinary Hospital

Kona Ice

Tracy Southard, Realty Executives