Four units of English are required for graduation. One English course should be selected each year from the normal sequence. Newspaper, Yearbook, and Humanities are electives and may not be substituted for English. A class fee is charged.


Robin Burchfield

My name is Robin Burchfield, and I love teaching Independent Project, English 4 and organizing dual enrollment. Assisting students in becoming responsible and organized students, analytical readers and thinkers, and skilled and creative writers are goals for my students. While I will demonstrate a strong worth ethic in class and show respect toward my students, I expect students to do the same by working hard and respecting their peers and their teacher.


B.S. Degree in Education from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville
M.S. Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville
30 Additional Hours in Curriculum and Instruction


1978-1987 - Blount County Schools
1987-Present - Maryville City Schools

Professional Organizations


Steven Feather

I am a firm believer that all kids can excel academically at their appropriate level and that English can be enjoyable if both the teacher and students commit to an appropriate amount of energy and seriousness each day. In English III CP, students will experience challenges in grammar and language, logic and rhetoric, writing, media, and literature. I expect students to arrive to class fully prepared and to complete daily assignments that are designed to help meet gains on both the End of Course Test and TCAP writing.

Education: Bachelor's degree in English and Education (Bucknell University)

Master's degree in Administration/Education (LMU)

Experience: Newton-Conover Middle School (2003-2004)

Newton-Conover High School (2004-2006)

Maryville High School (2006-present)

Professional Organizations: MEA, TEA

Penny Ferguson

Today, the only place where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average is Garrison Keillor's mythical Lake Wobegon, but teaching in the Maryville City School System is close. In our mythical kingdom excellent teaching is the norm, motivated students abound, and intellectual curiosity is alive and well. I am a product of the Maryville City School System, and I have spent my career teaching here.

I have a vision of what education might be, and I am committed to helping students achieve these goals:

1)Our children learn to think--clearly and with respect for the evidence--for themselves.

2)Our children come to know the marvelously rich and varied and colorful cloth from which our culture has been cut.

3)Our children come to understand how to turn facts into tools and how to tell the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

4)Our children enter the world believing that they can make a difference and are equipped with the means to do so.

5)Our children catch the sustaining joy of learning.


National Honor Society

Maryville Scholars

Junior Class


University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN Doctor of Education

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN Educational Specialist

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN Master of Arts

Maryville College, Maryville, TN Bachelor of Arts


1970‑present Maryville High School, Maryville, TN 11th grade English

1991-present Maryville College, Maryville, TN Teacher Education classes

1969‑1970 John Sevier Elementary, Maryville, TN 7th grade English

2006-present National School Reform Faculty National Facilitator, Tennessee Center of Activity Director

Professional Organizations and Appointments:

Certified by College Board in AP Language and AP Literature

MEA, TEA, NEA, TCTE, NCTE, Gilder Lehrman

2011-present Tennessee Curriculum Center English Language Arts Appointee

2010-present Advanced Placement Advisory Board National Level, Pearson Group

2008-present Starlight Awards Committee Maryville City Schools Foundation

2006-present Chair of Teacher Awards, Tennessee Council of Teachers of English

Samantha Harding

Hello! My name is Samantha Harding, and I am excited to teach English here at MHS. In this world today, we have doctors, lawyers, teachers, musicians, presidents, and CEOs who are where they are because of people who have stepped into their worlds and provided them with the resources to accomplish all their dreams. My philosophy of teaching focuses around the statement above. I believe in creating a creative and safe learning environment, so that the materials discussed in class allows students to draw conclusions and make inferences that apply to their lives. Students will be exposed to these practices through hands on activities, group work, and independent practice


Bachelor of Science in Education- Secondary English from Tennessee Technological University


2016-2017: Fulton High School

2017-present: Maryville High School

Professional Organizations

Professional Educators of Tennessee (PET)

Julie Maples

If I had to sum up my teaching philosophy in three words, those three words would be determination, expectations, and passion. Through determination, anything can be accomplished. By setting high expectations, students will work harder and achieve more. With a passion for learning, my students will become lifelong learners. In teaching, every day is a different and exciting adventure, but the foundation is always the same. These are not only keys to education but keys to life.


Bachelor's degree in English education from Tusculum College Master's degree in English education from the University of Tennessee Education Specialist degree in Administration and Supervision from Lincoln Memorial University


2006-2010 – Greeneville High School

2010-2017 – Seymour High School

2017 – Present – Maryville High School

Edward Mendence

My name is Eddie Mendence. As an educator, my goals include challenging students to become stronger thinkers, guiding students to establish a firm foundation for written and oral communication, and encouraging them to develop an appreciation for literature. I expect students to be prepared for class, motivated to learn, and willing to seek help when needed.


Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Lincoln Memorial University

Bachelor of Arts in English from Maryville College

College Board Endorsed Advanced Placement Summer Institute at UGA - English Literature (June 2009) and English Language (June 2007)


2005-2008: Floyd County Schools (Rome, GA)

2008-Present: Maryville High School

Rachel Rushworth-Hollander

Hello! My name is Rachel Rushworth-Hollander and I am an Engligh teacher here at MHS. I consider teaching to be my vocation, or calling, in life, and I consider it an honor to educate and watch young people grow every day. I believe anyone can learn - no matter what - and this belief has helped me to learn and grow as a teacher in the classroom.


Maryville College - Bachelor of Science in English for Teacher Licensure / Graduated 2008 Magna Cum Laude

University of Tennessee - Master's of Science in English Education / Graduated 2011 Summa Cum Laude


2008 - present Maryville High School

Professional Organizations:

Maryville Education Association, Tennessee Education Association, National Education Association, Tennessee Council Teachers of English, Kappa Delta Phi